False Ceiling In Chennai

False Ceiling In Chennai

Give your business places or home the perfect look with captivating False Ceiling Designer and decor ideas by Narasimha Interiors Decorators Explore elegant False ceiling designers and interiors We Narasimha Interiors Decorators take a holistic approach to every False ceiling designer project A False ceiling differs from a traditional ceiling made of decorative materials such as gypsum board, PVC panels, and tiles, among other things.

POP ceiling

A POP False ceiling is fabricated at site by mixing powdered plaster of Paris (POP) with water. The best part about a POP False ceiling is that it can be used to create an ornamental effect

Wood-finish ceiling

Veneer and laminate panels add a special element of warmth that only wood can give. The veneer and laminate sheets are available in a variety of patterns and designers and have to be pasted on a plywood base

Upholstered ceiling

Infuse an element of softness into the ceiling with upholstered panels, which can be fabricated in materials with natural fibres, synthetic fabrics, velvet, leather, leatherette and so on.

Stained glass ceiling

Beautify the look of your ceiling with stained glass panels. Just see how the backlit coloured glass panels add an element of wow.

Acoustic ceiling tiles

Soundproof your home theatre and home office by installing acoustic ceiling tiles. These tiles are available in materials such as fibreglass, foam and other substrates.

Wallpapered ceiling

Who says wallpaper is only meant for the walls? Consider wallpaper for the ceiling as it is one of the easiest ways to add color

Metal ceiling

Give a sophisticated and high-end look to the decor of your home with ready-to-install metal ceiling tiles. This material is strong, durable

Gypsum ceiling

A gypsum ceiling comprises boards or panels which are available in a prefabricated, ready-to-install form. This ceiling material is popular because it produces less dust during installation and forms very few joint lines

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