Modular Kitchen In Chennai

Modular Kitchen In Chennai

We specialize in providing services like modular kitchen in chennai services. We take a holistic approach to every designer project and the relationship and connection between interior and exterior is key to the overall environment. We use first class quality raw materials sourced from certified vendors of the market. It is durable, apart from this, the services provided are hassle-free for our customers and our goal is to provide you with the best designers and quality on time.

L-shaped Modular Kitchen

This type of kitchen has its counters spread over two adjacent walls aligned at the right angle, forming the shape of the alphabet “L”.

Straight Modular Kitchen

In a straight modular kitchen, the placement of cabinets and shelves happens along one linear line. This is the most compact and simplest

Parallel Modular Kitchen

Parallel modular kitchen, otherwise called Galley Modular Kitchen, consists of two long parallel workstations on opposite walls, facing each other

Island Kitchen

This is a kitchen of any layout with an additional unconnected island typically placed in the middle. One can incline towards this kitchen.

G-shaped Modular Kitchen

The G shaped or Peninsula modular kitchen is a blend of U-Shaped kitchen and island kitchen, with the extra standing workspace attached to the main counter.

U-Shaped Modular Kitchen

In the U-shaped kitchen, the counter runs along the three walls of the room, taking the shape of the letter “U”.

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