Texture Designer In Chennai

Texture Designer In Chennai

We specialize in providing services like Texture Design services. We take a holistic approach to every designer project and the relationship and connection between interior and exterior is key to the overall environment. We use first class quality raw materials sourced from certified vendors of the market. It is durable, apart from this, the services provided are hassle-free for our customers and our goal is to provide you with the best designers and quality on time.

Visual texture

the surface look of the work. It can be rough or smooth, regular or irregular.

Tactile texture

the way the work feels when you touch it. It can be soft or hard, bumpy or smooth.

Actual texture

the three-dimensional quality of the work. It can be raised or indented, thick or thin.

Implied texture

the illusion of texture created by the artist. It can be created using lines, shading, and other visual effects.

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